The 5 Biggest Cricket Events to Bet on in India

Cricket is rapidly becoming one of the most popular sports around the world, with many professionals speculating it could give football and basketball a run for their money soon. However, another aspect that fans love is the betting opportunities and winning potentials, especially in a country like India. Cricket betting is one of the most popular forms of betting in India, however, many still find it hard to choose the right cricket event to bet on all year round. From the cricket world cup to the cricket women’s world cup, Asia cup, T20 cup, and more, there is a plethora of options to pick from.

biggest cricket events for betting

Cricket World Cup

The cricket world cup is outrightly the biggest and most prestigious event that goes on in the world of cricket. From amateur league players to the very best, everyone looks forward to playing in this event, and countries fight to host it year in and out. Sadly, it only occurs every 4 years.

The tournament runs in a varying format that is announced well ahead of the date. The last event took the ODI format, where 10 teams played at least once with each other in total match games that exceed 50.

The exciting aspect for bettors is the opportunities that this tournament brings. The cricket world cup usually features games with amazing odds for different circumstances, giving expert bettors an opportunity to handsome rewards.

Cricket Women’s World Cup

Although not as popular as the cricket world cup, the Cricket Women’s World Cup has been in existence since 1973. Just like the male world cup, it is also played every 4 years. As things stand, the next event would be in New Zealand in 2022.

The Cricket Women’s world cup is another hot betting spot that bettors like to stake games in. It features the most popular female cricket stars with odds that tailor down to team actions, venues, and the winners of each outcome. If you’re looking for where to make good bets in the world of cricket, the women’s world cup is certainly one of the top choices.

Asia Cup

This continental competition brings together all the cricket-playing Asian countries together for a fiercely battled trophy. The Asia Cup has been one of the most watched and popular cricket events since its inception back in 1984. It is played every two years and takes the round-robin format of play.

To date, India has been the most successful nation with 7 titles and would look to aim for an 8th after in the next competition. The paparazzi and high-profile players present in the competition mean odds are always very juicy for bettors looking to win big. Bookmakers release favorable odds with different variations for this competition to attract bettors and those that know their way around usually end up with big wins.

T20 World Cup

T20 World Cup is just a conventional world cup that takes a very different format. Its format has gained lots of popularity over time due to the much shorter duration and fast-paced nature compared to other formats. The T20 thrives on shot selection and power: two features that are everything in this competition and attract much younger cricket fans. Today, the trophy is arguably the second most revered silverware among cricket competitions.

The first event was held back in 2007, and it has been held every 5 years since then. The fast-paced nature of the competition is such that there are countless opportunities for bettors to cash out. Bookmakers follow this fast-paced nature with highly attractive odds and thrills that make betting much more fun.

Indian Premier League

Surely, every cricket fan has heard a thing or two about the Indian Premier League. This cricket league is the largest and most prominent in the world, boasting a fan base of up to 86 million and counting. The top clubs and star names draw people from different backgrounds and identities to enjoy the league season while attracting millions of wagers.

Due to its lengthy nature, the Indian Premier League attracts all kinds of bookmakers that give favorable odds to players looking to bet.


Cricket competitions provide some of the best betting opportunities in the world of sports. From the Asia Cup to the Cricket World Cup and Indian Premier League, each competing provides its unique selling points that bookmakers take advantage of to design their odds. Players, on the other hand, are always on stand-by, ready to wager accordingly. Certainly, you would want to wager on any of the competitions if you’re looking to get into cricket betting.