Playing Live Casino in Ireland: The Dos and Don'ts

Ireland is one of the countries that continues to offer the best live casino services as the game keeps rising in popularity every year. The lockdown in 2020 affected a lot of brick and mortar casinos, forcing players to turn to online channels, a trend that’s still riding high to date. However, from understanding the rules to setting a gambling limit, there are several things to know before going all out on live casinos in Ireland. Having such understanding would create a more robust experience and guide you through your journey of playing live casino games in the country.

do and donts live casino

Do: Choose a Trustworthy Live Casino

This should always be the very first step you take when embarking on a live casino gaming adventure in Ireland. In simple terms, the decision you make at this point would make or break your experience. Therefore, it is necessary that you take your time to go through the available casino options and select the best.

Before making this decision, you should go through reviews on live casinos in the country, their terms and conditions, benefits, and more. This would help you get a good grasp of what each provides, and then match with the one that most suits your needs. Trusted live casinos like Betiton, LeoVegas, and Casumo are popular choices for most players in Ireland.

Don’t: Play at Any Casino You Find

One of the biggest points among the things not to do is that you should not settle to play at just any casino you find. This is because there are currently hundreds of live casino websites that you have access to in Ireland, and this number keeps increasing by the day. However, many of them are run by scammers or organisations without adequate gaming licenses, hence you can’t trust them. Settling to play with such casinos would be resigning your money to whatever they dictate.

Many of these live casinos also have unfavorable terms and conditions surrounding withdrawals that make it very hard for players to receive their earnings. In all, they could create a very bad experience for you.

Do: Learn the Rules of the Game That You’re Going to Play

The rules of the game determine whether your outcome is a win or a loss, therefore, understanding it is non-negotiable. After selecting an adequate live casino to play in, the next step is to learn the rules of the specific game you want to play. Beware, as most games have different variants that come with their individual rules separate from the general rule.

You could understand the game of Blackjack, but a different variant could mean the rules become slightly tweaked. If you didn’t take time out to read through in such a scenario, don’t expect to win.

Don’t: Play Live Casino Without Knowing What You’re Doing

The fun and excitement that comes with playing live casinos mean many players jump right in without really having adequate knowledge of what they’re doing. Like it or not, although there’s fun in being spontaneous, you would need to have a sound strategy to maximize your chances of winning. In fact, developing strategies and pitting them against the house is one of the biggest fun of playing live casino games. Develop a plan, stick to it, test its effectiveness against the house and pray for a bit of luck.

While at that, remember that it is easy to get cut up in the thrill and intensity of playing engaging games like Blackjack run, but don’t forget to take a break. Taking breaks to collect thoughts, chill out, and watch others play a little is vital to your overall experience. Remember, don’t play live casino games without knowing what you’re doing.

Do: Set a Gambling Budget

Ever heard of huge live casino losses? This is where it usually starts. Many players tend to start playing without setting a gambling budget, and what this results in is going overboard regarding spending. Having a budget means you have a set amount that you cannot go beyond and when that money finishes, it’s certainly time to call quits.

Without a gambling budget, players tend to play on and on without restraint. This poses a high tendency for terrible loss in case a game goes wrong. Always set a gambling budget, and create a separate account for gaming to ensure you don’t face the temptation of playing a little longer after running out of cash.

Do: Find the Game That’s Right for You

Just like our personalities and several other details about our lives differ, we also don’t enjoy the same games. As a live casino player, the onus is on you to find the game you prefer and that you enjoy playing the most. Many times, if you simply go for the game with the highest potential wins—but is not something you enjoy playing—chances are that you wouldn’t win.

When you play a game that you enjoy playing, your chances of winning are significantly higher, not to mention the fact that you would have much more fun. This may be one of the most difficult Dos of live casino gaming because it takes time and patience to try lots of games till you find what’s best for you.

Don’t: Settle for the First Game You Click On

There are literally hundreds of games and their variants to choose from when playing in a live casino. Settling for the first game you click on is just like taking a cup of water from the pool when you could jump right in and swim. A lot of the fun and experience in playing live casino games is in exploring the ocean of games.

Spend a little time trying each one, getting accustomed to their respective rules, flows, and testing a few schemes. After that, you’d be more equipped to fully enter the casino battle, rather than market fresh.


The bottom line of playing live casino games in Ireland is that you play responsibly and catch a lot of fun while at it. Playing responsibly has a lot of rings to it. Depending on the player, it generally entails you staying within the boundaries of the law and not playing at your expense that could lead to heavy losses. In the end, live casino in Ireland is a game like all others, and you should enjoy playing it.